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Sunday, March 31, 2013

All A Glow in the Mirror Tent

I have had a black light that
I thought the children would enjoy for some time now, but the school has a lot of light, 
which is wonderful, but I have not found the right place to let the children explore with the black light
until now.  What a place it is, the mirror tent, so they get the chance to see themselves glowing, but also to see many images of themselves all a glow.

I covered both ends of the mirror tent with blankets and the children were invited in to take a look.

Many had to peek in to see what the others inside were giggling about.

The best is when they would smile and see their teeth glowing.

We discovered in this moment, that there was some maple cream left on his face from lunch, 
it was funny to discover it in the black light when we hadn't noticed it in natural light.

The mirror tent continues to be a fun place to explore and play.

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