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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Visit to Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole's House

A very short distance from the school resides Thomas Cole's former house and art studio, Cedar Grove.  It is situated on a hill and the view of the Catskill Mountains is beautiful.  We are very fortunate to get to see these mountains every day.  They are an inspiration, and many artists try to capture their beauty, one such artist was Thomas Cole.  Cole is credited as being the founding member of  the Hudson River School, An American Art Movement in the Mid-19th Century.  Today on this hot and sticky day, I decided to take an impromptu walking field trip to Cedar Grove with the Kindergartners.  I figured why not let these artists continue in the long heritage of the artists that started  The Hudson River School, and create their own landscape paintings of these glorious Catskill Mountains.

Walking the grounds of Cedar Grove

Checking out the artwork and the view

 Sketching the mountains
Our oh so little Hudson River Artists

It was a very nice afternoon and a great way to relax on this hot and humid day.