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Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Eggtraordinaire Time

Last year we made egg geodes at school, which was a wonderful project for everyone involved, so of course this year we made them again.  If you would like the recipe for this project click on the link below:

One of the things I loved about last year's project was when we examined geodes and agate slices.
We took them out again this year to examine.  At first the children were holding them up to the light and looking at them. 

After we looked at them in natural light, the children then placed the geodes and agate slices 
on the light projector. 

They loved seeing them projected larger than life.
After we explored geodes we then went into art time and each child 
picked a color tablet.  They dropped them in water to see what mystery color 
they would be using for their egg geodes.

Once the color tablets were diluted in the water, the children added alum to the water.
The color tablets have vinegar and so when the alum was added the water stared to fizz, which was a fun surprise for the children.



The egg shells were placed in their alum and dye solution and left to sit for 2 days.
Once again they came out beautiful.

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