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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hats and Africa

Caught in a Moment of Play
I love the games that the children come up with.  Today the kids were on a plane ride to Africa. 
They all had to have hats and seat belts on, the couch was the plane.

Here is some of the story that I managed to write down:

JP-"We are on the plane to the Leaf Diner in Africa."
EB-"We have to wear our hats because the sun is hot."
JP-"Don't unbuckle your seat belt."
MN-" Don't worry I didn't."
Me- "Why are you wearing your hats again?"
JP-"Because they allow it, but if you don't wear a hat they throw you out the window."
TM- "And if you want to go with someone you have to wear a hat."
EHP-"When I wear a hat I don't get scratched on the window."
JP-"OK we are at the Leaf Diner."
EB-"Everyone let's go, we are in Africa!"

The children keep doing make believe in Africa, I think its time we explore that beautiful country.  Stay tuned for more play in Africa.

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