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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Eggciting Week

Two things came together this week, our study of birds and Easter eggs.  It has been a big week of egg play, talk and art making.

Spin Art Eggs

One of the things that captivated the kids the most this week was making our spin art eggs.
I just picked up two salad spinners for $2.00 at a local flea market, and it is the best $2.00 I have spent in a long time.

This kids laid their egg shaped paper in the basket, I watered down some tempera paint, and the fun and beauty began.

Adding the paint

Before spinning the salad spinner

After the spin...beautiful

 A proud artist showing his work

We made lots and lots of eggs!

Egg Shakers
We also made some great egg shakers this week.  I love these shakers because they are a nice addition to our music making time. 
We have a store bought egg shaker and I have to say I like the ones we make at
school better

We use plastic eggs and let the children add rice to half the egg using a small spoon.
After they add the amount they like, take masking tape and tape the seam of the egg.

(Photo Complimentary of Elianna...the kids have been enjoying taking pictures of the projects)

Using watered down glue, and cut up pieces of tissue paper, have the children paint the egg with the glue mixture, and then add the tissue paper.  Follow this with painting over the tissue paper.  It will get your hands gooey, so prepare the children ahead of time by letting them know.  I have done this several times with kids, and each time I forget to have a wet paper towel near them so they can wipe their hands as they go, because some kids really dislike the feeling of the glue on their finger.  The littler ones sometimes need an adult to hold the egg as they work because they roll.

They come out really cute and have a great sound.

I am throwing one more egg project into this post.  We made these candles last year, and although we will not be making them this year, it may be a project some of you would like to try at home.  Who knows, if there is time we may just make them at school again:)

Bees Wax Egg Candles

We took eggs that we used when we made our apple cake, and saved them.  We then added wax to a make shift double boiler, which in our home and school is a coffee can placed in a pot of boiling water.  The kids watched the wax melt, and then using gloves they held the wick in place as I poured the wax into the egg.  We then watched them cool in our star shaped candle holders which I found at the dollar store.  They are also really cute sitting in egg cups.
Some of the kids colored with crayon on the outside while the eggs were still warm which gave them a melted wax effect.

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