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Monday, March 26, 2012

Face Off!

For a couple weeks we have been enjoying projects using large pictures of the children's faces. 
I placed a piece of Mylar over the picture, and the children used marker to draw over their features. 
The nice thing about the Mylar is that the washable markers actually stay on it for a short period of time and doesn't smudge easily.

Studying her face

Drawing over the features of her face.

It was interesting watching them chose which parts of their faces they wanted to draw, and their perspective of what stands out on their faces.

Here is the face with the Mylar on top and the photograph below

The Mylar on its own

We sprayed water on the paper and then placed the Mylar on top.
The children then rubbed their hands over the Mylar to transfer the image.

Here is the transferred image on top of tissue paper painted fiber paper.  Tissue paper painting is just laying cut tissue paper on top of another paper and spraying it with water.  The colors bleed and make wonderful watercolor painting.

Here is the process again.
Holding up the finished drawing on top of her photo
spritzing the paper with water, and then placing the Mylar on top and rubbing the image

Lifting the Mylar off, look close and you can see the transferred image on the paper.

We have a lot of fine quality paper from a friend's book binding business.   The funny thing about this paper was that it was so absorbent that we discovered the next day that the faces were gone!  The paper soaked them into the fibers, thus the title of the blog..."Face Off,"  because the kid's reacted by saying "the paper took our face off."

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