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Monday, March 26, 2012

Solar Prints

We had done solar prints over the summer, and the kids loved them.  However, a lot of my students this year have never done a solar print, and a dear relative of ours wrote to me the other day and remembered how much her children loved making them, so it inspired me to do them again.  The weather last week was so beautiful so how could we not do art outside.

I set up two trays with plenty of objects the children could chose from.  When we did these in the summer the children found a lot of leaves and flowers in nature to work with, but as we are in early spring, the pickings are not as plentiful.

They picked  4-5 objects they wanted to use, and then they arranged their compositions in the shade before we placed them in the sun. 
The paper we use is Nature Print Paper, which I purchased from United Art and Education, a great art supply dealer that I used when I taught in public school.  Your local art supply store may also have it, or order it for you.

We place the paper and objects in the sun for about 2 minutes, or until the paper starts to turn a lighter shade of blue

Waiting for the paper to be ready for the next step

When the paper is ready, we place it into a bowl of cool water and watch as the image of the objects  appear on the paper. 


Then we hang them to dry.

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