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Friday, March 2, 2012

Print Making with Patterned Paint Rollers

These Prints were made using patterned paint rollers that you would find in a paint supply store.  I found these at this great place called The Materials Exchange, at a nearby recycling center.  They take in surplus materials and sell them at an extremely low price.  These were a great find.

Because they were just the patterned roller, I had to find a way that the kids could use them.  I discovered that paper towel rolls work great.  It also made me realize that we could make some more of these because all they really consist of is foam cutouts placed on PVC pipe.

The children rolled their patterned rollers across paint that was spread on wax paper which was taped to cookie sheets (we are real fancy here.)
They then rolled the patterns over tempura paintings they had made on a previous day.  I love revisiting their artwork with them and having them layer their paintings or printmaking on top of their existing work.  It not only looks great, but cuts down on the paper trail.

Liam's finished piece.  I just love this!

 Jasper also chose to use the triangle pattern

Some kids got so into it that they decided to do printmaking on themselves!

Sean calls this piece "Blue Gooey Hands!"

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