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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flashlights and the Moon

Jasper: "It looks like ripples on the water."

I love the spontaneous moments at school when our play becomes an involved exploration of toys and concepts.  One of the children had the idea to play with flashlights and asked if I had one.  It just so happens I have A LOT of flashlights so we had enough for all the kids to play with on that day.
We took out the flashlights and an incredible journey began.
I took some notes while they were exploring trying to jot down some of the things the children shared. 

 Tegan: They look like fireworks
Elianna: "Looks like a peacock."

We added the yoga mat so that the lights would show up better

Myles: "it looks like a full moon and the banana moon."

 Everyone: "They look like fireworks in the sky." They then did a light show on the ceiling.

We explored the light up close and standing up

 Ella: "I think it's a ghost."

milo: "It looks like a full moon and a mooniac."

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