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Monday, February 20, 2012

Magnet Board Fun!

A couple weeks ago I bought sheet metal to make a magnet board at school, but was waiting on hanging it up because I needed to make a frame for it.   Then I came across this fabulous idea on the Internet of using an oil pan as a magnet board.  It is great!  The pan itself is much lighter and bigger than the sheet metal, has curved finished edges, and is cheaper, mine was $9.00! 
We hung it up and the fun began.

We have a Melissa and Doug magnet dress up set, and had that available for the kids to play with.
I then took pictures of the kids, printed and placed then on adhesive magnet paper.
I also printed some pictures of bodies they may like playing with.  Some ides were Shrek, Superman, Elmo, etc.  Now the kids place their head on top of the bodies and it is great, humorous fun for us all.

It is so cute to see which bodies and outfits they choose out for themselves.

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