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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Fun at the Light Table

Light Table Button Game

The light table has become a staple explorations tool at school.

We started the button game after we had played for a while with the buttons on the table (something I saw on the internet.)  I have had these buttons since middle school, I inherited them from my great grandmother.  I have never done anything with them, and I am happy to be playing with them at school.

Of course you do not want to use these around really little ones because they are oh so tempting for them to put in their mouths.

Back to the button game, as I said we were playing with the buttons on the table, and as the kids started to lose interest, I took our well loved rainbow stir straws and began to push the buttons with the straws.  This then started a game of trying to push the buttons to one side of the table only using the stir straws.  The attempt was to try and get as many as we could to either side.

It kept them interested for a long time, and it really is great hand-eye coordination.

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