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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sing-Song Game

Ms. Kate recently brought in a new game she created called the
 "Sing-Song Game."   
It is a lovely addition to her morning music class.

When Ms. Kate arrived at school the other days, she was carrying a huge orange mat.  As soon as she unrolled it, the two children who were at school instantly began jumping on the mat and hopping onto colored shapes she had taped onto the mat.   It is always a good sign when the kids are excited right from the get-go.  

The objective of the games is to do the sound or action that is written out on a card.  When this is completed they hop the number of spaces that was indicated on the card.  Some examples were to make the sound of a trumpet, or thunder, or an animal.  Others were to sing their name or clap to three.  It is a wonderful way to help the children be comfortable singing or making sounds, especially in front of others, because most of the children were excited about the game aspect and were not aware of the audience as they performed.  Those children who were a little shy were encouraged by their friends by clapping, or others helping out with the sounds if they were too shy to do it themselves.

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