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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cosmic Skies

I love these "Cosmic Sky" paintings as one of the children have named them.
We have made several version of them at school, including the covers of their school folders, and here are some of their most recent ones, as well as photos of them enjoying the Process of making art.

It is simple to understand why the children love this process, who wouldn't enjoy spraying watered down paint on paper, and watching as the colors mix and make their own magical picture.

Eventually the paper starts to get saturated with the paint, and then the next experiment takes place.  The children pour off the excess paint into  a cup, and the colors begin to merge and spread out even more.


The first time we worked with the spray paint, the children had more choices in color, but the day we did these, we limited the choices to see how the cool colors worked together.  After they dried, the children were given water colors to paint the parts of the paintings they wanted to add more colors to.  They were also given liquid water colors to paint with or squirt onto their paintings with a pipette. 

When they finished with their watercolors I asked if they wanted to add anything else to their paintings, and one group of children said they wanted to add glitter.  So we made some watered down glue to a squirt bottle, which they sprayed on their paintings and then added the glitter.  This is when one of the children exclaimed, "It looks like a cosmic sky," and so, that is what they are.  Now I am excited to take that idea of a cosmic sky and explore this concept more with the children.

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