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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Spontaneous Invitation to Create

Last week I set out the mirror grates for the children to play with.  I was curious how they would respond if paper was put underneath the grates with pencils and color pencils near by.  I also set up mirrors for them to have reflections all around them.

It was an interesting process to observe.  The kids trickled in making faces at themselves in the mirror, then ran back into the play area to continue with free play, then two little girls got curious about the paper and pencils.

As the girls started to trace around and color in the squares of the grate, others became interested in it, and joined in on the fun.

The children loved seeing the colors reflected on the sides of the grate, but loved even more the images that were left when they lifted the grates off the paper.


Everyone joined in on the drawing when the grates were removed.

We then hung up the drawing and the artwork took another adventure as the children began drawing on it hanging on the wall.

Here is the drawing when the day was done.
I love how it came out, but more so, I love how a simple provocation turned into a group project.

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