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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Invitations to Play at the Light Table.

One of the areas of school that the children gravitate the most to is the light table and gemmie area.
For the fall we had acorns, leaves and pumpkins, the children loved these so much that I just finally switched them out.  They love concocting drinks and plates of food with these, so when I saw the Valentine cupcake wrappers, I had a feeling they would enjoy them. 

This little baker is very intent on her creation!
"Cherry" cupcakes ready for a friend.

I work with children 2 and half years of age to 5, and they all love playing with this light table set up.
There is something about the lights, colors, and the tactile exploration that keeps them focused and engaged for long periods of time.  When someone at school is having a hard time, either feeling shy or missing their parents, this is the area that helps calm and center them.  They play here for a little bit, and then smiles and active participation follow.  It is Magic!

Another recent addition to the light table were these colored ice cubes
 I love to shake them up and see the bubble inside go from many and work their way into one large bubble
I purchased them at the Dollar Store, and they are a lot of fun for the light table, 
but the kids have been enjoying them in the kitchen area as well as when they play doctor.

 I love that they can be stacked like blocks.

 I thought this was very clever how he placed them inside cups and made pyramids with them.

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