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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bubbling Over with Excitement for Valentine's Day!

Ah Love, it is in the air at Art and Soul Preschool.
Here are some of our highlights from the last two days.
To say the kids were a little excited during our two days of Valentine's celebrations is an understatement, they really were bubbling over with excitement.
This activity of making our hearts "fizz" was actually a great centering activity, they were so absorbed in the activity that I felt like it gave myself and my assistant a moment to get centered as well.

I froze beet juice and vinegar in silicone heart shaped muffin tins.  
The children were then given baking soda water and a pipette, and the fun soon began.

We have been doing a lot of color mixing and reaction experiments over the past couple months, that this was right up the kid's ally, and a little bit of the unexpected as well because the experiment was heart shaped as well as frozen.

I came across a tutorial on how to make scratch off cards, and wanted to try it out with the kids.
Really, it is a project that older kids would get more out of than my 3 and 4 year olds, so I tried to figure out a way to have it represent their artwork, but be fun to scratch off as well.
Originally I was going to have the kids try and draw an owl, but I soon realized they really just wanted to do their own thing,and when I printed the cards they all said "Guess Whoo Loves You," so guess what's behind that little heart sticker instead, yup the other "o."  

For the scratch off the children painted over their faces.
Here is how the scratch off works:  put a piece of packing tape over the part that you want scratched off.  Then paint on the packing tape with a mixture of 2 parts acrylic paint, and 1 part dish soap.  It will need about 3 coats in the end.
Of course my daughter was the one who scratched off ours.
I am going to have to do this again as an on-going project to have out for the kids, because it was hard for them to wait to give it to their parents as Valentine's cards. I am curious what types of images they would hide on a regular basis; collage, drawings, words?  I think it would be fun.

Perhaps the most excitement came from the Valentine's Post Office.

It is very sweet seeing the children be so excited about giving to one another.
That is always better then whatever it is that I may receive  just that pure joy they have to give something from themselves.

After I just wrote about the joy in watching the kid's give, it was also adorable to see them sit down with their delivered mail and open up their mail bags.  I have to say, these kid's gave each other the best Valentine's I have ever seen, far more better than my "Alf" valentines cards I remember handing out.

I only manage to snag a couple for a quick photo before they were snatched back!

 And, one of the favorites of the day were our heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for snack.

It was a another LOVEly day at Art and Soul.


  1. Very lovely indeed. I LOVE the scratch off cards!!,

    1. Thanks so much, the scratch off cards were very easy and fun, just a little prep ahead of time. My mother thought they would make good Mother's Day or Father's Day cards as well. Thanks for stopping in at Art and Soul.

  2. Hey, is Irina :)and I'am so happy to stop by.