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Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Deer Card

For Holiday cards this year the children made these Winter Deer Paintings
that I fell in love with.  They simply placed a deer sticker ( a foam sticker works best) on water color paper cards.

They wet their cards with water first and then did wet on wet water color painting on and around the deer.

Before they dried they sprinkled salt all over the cards and we left them to dry.
I think the reason the cards came out so great is because they piled lots of salt on, they had a ball "making it snow!"

I let the salt set for a while, then scraped it off with a spatula over the garbage.
Here are some more pictures of some of the cards made.  They were all very beautiful.

They had the choice to take the sticker off or leave them on.  Some liked the way the cards looked with the sticker on, and others liked seeing the negative space the sticker left on the card.
Later I wrote in messages the kids wanted me to write in the cards.

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