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Friday, December 28, 2012

Photo Transfer Snow Globes

One of our Holiday gifts and projects were photo transfer snow globes.
I love doing photo transfers with the children.  It is an easy tactile project that has a beautiful end result.  This year I wanted to try it out as a snow globe. 

The first part of this project is photocopying a picture.  Typically printed pictures do not work, the ink just runs when placed in water so I recommend going to print shop and xeroxing the pictures.
I then place clear contact paper over the picture and cut them out for the children.

This is a simple process, the children take a rock and run it all over the contact paper.
This helps the ink the stick to the contact paper better.

They then place the image into a bowl of water and let it soak through the paper.

Then we place towels on the table and the children work on rubbing off the paper with their fingers.
once it gets a little tough, just place it in the water again, take out and rub the paper some more.

There is a magic to this process because all of a sudden they start to see their faces below the surface of the paper.

After the paper is completely rubbed off, the images were still a bit tacky, so the children were able to place their images onto the containers.  We secured them with a little tape and brought them over to the light table to be filled with water, glitter, water beads, and  little trees and snow flake glitter flakes.

I think they came out great, and although the snow globe effect didn't work out quite how I wanted them to, they do make for a nice sensory experience for the children to shake and turn upside down.  The reverse side almost magnifies itself in the water, and looks neat with the glitter floating in front of it.

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