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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects converge

I have fallen very far behind on my posts for the blog.  I hope to make up some of that time in the next couple days.

Recently we had two projects we have been working on come together as one.  My last post was about our project on Africa, and in that post we made painted sticks.  Simultaneously, we have been working on our school garden.  The entrance way to this garden use to have an arch, but Hurricane Irene took it out.  I asked the children what they wanted to do with their painted sticks, they were not sure, so I suggested that we make an arch for the fence.  They loved this idea and we got right to work.

Our first step was to drill holes in the sticks so that the children could screw them together.
They love using the old handheld drills.

While some of the kids drilled their holes in their sticks, others began measuring the fence with measuring tapes.  We discovered that the arch would need to be 42" long to span the width of the entrance way.

We all worked on laying out the sticks to see what they would look like together
The next day the children took screw drivers and screwed the sticks together.
It was amazing watching them assemble the arch.  I was there to assist with layout and
explaining to them how and what to do, but they were the ones who did the actual work.

It was hard to get a picture, but here is the arch after it was attached to the
door posts
Because the sticks are painted, my assistant said "wouldn't it be great to paint the fence."
And so, the project continued with the children painting the garden fence.

They had a ball doing this, and some even managed to paint themselves.
Our fence and arch, as well as painted pine cones that the children did on another day. 
I love it!
Here is a close up of the pine cones, they beaded the cords to hang them and they
make a great addition.

 I am happy to say the garden is thriving as well. We have already been enjoying our sugar and
 snap peas!

Our other vegetable plants are small but doing well, and the lemon balm, lavender, roses, sage, mustard greens, and rosemary already need to be cut back!  Lovely.