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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music Hut

Here is our play hut that I made last Spring.  It is made out of saplings that I tied together in an arch, and grape vine that I wove through the saplings.  As magical as I think it is, I find that the children do not really play in it

Over the summer we planted runner beans and morning glories on it, and although a lot of grazing happened (oh how they loved the runner beans) no real play occurred.  What fun is a fort if no one wants to go and play in it, so I started thinking....

...and an answer came!  I have wanted to make a music wall or a "banging wall" as I have also heard it called.  Instead of a music wall, I decided to make a music hut, and I am happy to say the children are playing in it!  I had a hard time getting a photo that captures it, but perhaps the combination of these shots will do, as well as the video of them making music in the hut.

One last thing, when I was little my best friend and I were always building forts, and her mom just sent me this picture of the ultimate stick fort, thanks Debbie!


  1. Danielle didn't mention the intense jam she, Elianna and I had when she first set up the music hut.

  2. Hi! Hi I'm Jenny from Let the Children Play and I'm currently writing an ebook on natural backyard playscapes. I'm writing to ask permission to use the second from the top image of your hut from this post to show other parents what is possible in their own backyards. I would credit you of course, and provide a link back to the blog. Thanks so much for your consideration, Jenny Oh, my email is