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Thursday, February 16, 2012

salt painting

Salt painting is a neat process for the kids.  They learn about how salt absorbs moisture, but they do it in such a fun way, it is like magic to them.

We started this project off by having the kids make their own colors.  They love the process of adding food coloring to water and to tell you the truth I love watching it as well.

Once they mixed their colors, they then shared them with each other in small cups.

After they have their colors, they take glue and draw with it on their paper.  We used card stock.

Place the paper on top of a baking sheet and sprinkle salt all over their glue

Shake the excess salt off into a cookie sheet.

The children took their eyedroppers and placed them into the color cups and began to squeeze the water on the salt and glue trails.  I told them it works best when you place the dropper close the the glue and salt, because then it spreads along the line like magic.

It's a great project for exploring the properties of different materials, and the concept of absorption.
It is also great for fine motor skills, because the eyedroppers really help the children learn dexterity.

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