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Monday, December 26, 2011

Plaster Castin in the Sandbox

For this project the children picked objects they wanted to cast in the plaster.
They first laid the objects face down in a hole they made in the sandbox.
We then mixed the plaster and poured it into each hole.
As the plaster was setting, they placed chop sticks in their plaster casts.
We then played while the plaster set and dried (about 15 minutes)
When the sculptures were dry and hard, the children lifted them out of the holes.
They were enchanted with the chemistry of a liquid becoming a solid in just a few minute, and that their objects and the sand where cast into their sculptures.

As a final step, they drilled holes in wood, and then glued the chop sticks into the holes with some wood glue. I think this was their favorite part of the project. They loved using the drill, and I loved watching how capable they were with this tool. I believe strongly in giving them real tools and art materials, they are so capable, they just need a little guidance and then it is surprising how much they can do!

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