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Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Making

Handmade Books
One of our projects over the summer was to make books.
The children's started by collaging a heavy card stock piece of paper
After the children collaged their covers, they bound their books together by sewing in their pages
(Note: we practice sewing a couple times before this using plastic forms with holes and soft plastic sewing needles.)

After the they sewed their pages together they started drawing in their books right away
On Another day we took pictures of the children arriving at school with their parents.
These we glued into the books and they drew pictures of the photographs of them with their parents

I just love these early renderings of people

On yet another day we added more pictures, these pictures were of the children drawing the pictures of their parents and sewing the books. It was a great documentation book for the kids, because from start to finish, this project captured what they do at school and the wonderful thing was that within the books we wrote down their reactions, so the books told a little story as well.

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