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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is always a cute and magical adventure at school, 
here is a quick post on how our celebrations went.

Our Halloween House

Our Witches Stew Station

Potions Lab.

Friends excited to show off their costumes on the 
Halloween Runway.

Our Fabulous Halloween Cuties!

The children each had the opportunity to take a turn down the Halloween Runway to show off their costumes, do a pose on the platform, and strut back to their friends.  Some fluttered, others stomped, some even transformed, and all were incredibly cute.

A Fluttering Butterfly.

Luke Skywalker

Another butterfly princess

A pensive pirate 

A very strong and power Hulk!

A Jon Deere Witch

Peter Pan with his pixie dust

Butterfly Sisters.

Clint Eastwood

Lego Man

Sully the Dinosaur and Bat Man

Peter Pan fighting the Pirates

Another mighty Pirate with the Candy Corn Witch

Of Course a Black Cat on Halloween

A Mermaid and Bumblebee Transformer

The Mighty T-Rex

...and Luna and Rainbow Dash 

Playing in the Halloween House

Having fun in the character faces and making witches stew.


 Potions Lab
The magic of colored vinegar water and baking soda.

The process of watching potions mix, I love how their faces express the magic they are experiencing 


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