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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Time of New Exploration

It has been a wonderful first month of school.  The children have been meeting new friends and getting to know the school and our daily routine.  It is a lot in this first month to just have the children feel secure and comfortable in the school.  Every child has their own way in the environment and we try to offer them many ways in which they can explore and feel at home.

Exploring the school Library Nook.

Exploring their many images in the mirror tent.

Being a part of Morning Meeting and being Weather Helper and Calendar Helper.

Enjoying silly moments in Circle Time.

Exploring new tastes during our apple tasting.  By the way I think Honey Crisp is everyone's favorite apple.

Exploring a friend's idea to make a campsite and watching it flourish into a campsite with a tent, campfire, roasting marshmallows and song and stories by the fire.

Exploring with light and magnets

Exploring block creations

Doctoring teachers and doing hair!

Enjoying dress-up with friends.

Exploring rhythm and sound.

Exploring the school playground

Exploring puddle jumping!

Floating leaf boats on the water

Exploring their names with lose parts and found objects.

And of course exploring in the art room.

Painting at the easel.

Making Apple Prints.

Starting our school folders by using pipettes to makes liquid watercolor paintings. 


Exploring palette painting with pie servers. 

Exploring water color paints

Making an apple tree using the overhead projector and the help of friends.

Exploring new tools and snacks by making dried apple slices, "apple chips."


It has been a great start and I look forward to so many more moments of exploration in the months ahead.


  1. Awe. Looks so fun. My girls still talk about how much they miss your school, their friends and teachers.

    1. We miss them too, maybe we can arrange a visit for them.