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Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Wonderland Indoors!

Winter in all it's glory is here!  As an adult I sometimes have a hard time embracing 
this time of year; the cold, the winter driving, dealing with snow days and delays, ice!  
However, when I am at the school the excitement and love that the children have for this season seems to melt away all my adult grumblings and I am excited to explore the season along with the children.

As it has been bitterly cold on some of these days,  and although we try to go out in all weather, some days when we can't we try to come  up with ways for the children to experience winter not only outside, but also inside.  Even when we do get outside, it is fun to bring the two worlds together.

I had filled the sensory bin with snow when we got back from break.  For a week the children loved coloring and exploring the snow inside.

Some of the children challenged themselves to use multiple pipettes while working, a wonderful way to work those fine motor skills! 

 They also had to share a lot as it was a small space with a lot of friends gathered around.  They really impressed me with their conversations, but also asking each other to share colors and tools.

I was offered many snow cones for the tasting.  
and the dinosaurs and sea animals also made it into the arctic snow.

The next week the sensory bin was filled with Cloud Dough, another favorite of the kids.
It is like playing with sand, but looks like snow!

The sifter fascinated the kids 

Ice cream anyone or how about ice skating
Tricia came up with a fun activity of taking wax paper and putting it under our feet and skating around the room.  It was surprising how much it was like ice skating and the kids loved it!

Some of the children had to support each other as they went it was that slippery!

 We not only ice skated indoors, but also had a snowball fight indoors!

No one was off limits, even I got hit with several snowballs.

Oh, and of course every classroom needs an indoor snowman, though I think the it looks a little more like a snow bear. 

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