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Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Apple A Day...

It is apple season and we are thoroughly enjoying this time of year at school.
We literally have an apple each day at school for the whole year, so it is wonderful that we spend some time getting to know this wonderful fruit.

During small group time, the children experienced an apple tasting.
I gathered 6 varieties from Story Farms.  They also had a wonderful brochure on the different NY grown apples that the children looked at to see  the many varieties of apples here in NY.

Ms. Tricia cut up the apples and the children spent some time tasting and expressing which were their favorites.

Here are some of their answers when asked which apple was their favorite?

M.A.: "The orange one, Honey Crisp."
S.S.  "It's gold, star gold, that one tastes really good."
R.B.: "Red Delicious."
Z.M.: "Ginger Gold"

Danielle: Did you have a favorite apple?
L.S.:  “I liked all of them.”
G.C. : “Honey Crisp.”
Danielle: “Did you have a favorite one R.H.?”
R.H.: “Uh, Golden Delicious.”
Danielle: “Why was that your favorite?”
R.H.: “Because it was golden.”
Danielle:  “N.G.F did you have a favorite?”
N.G.F.:  “It was Golden Delicious because I love yellow!”
Danielle: “K.K. what was your favorite.”
K.K.: “It was red.”
K.M.: “I liked all of them?”

 One of my favorite little rhythms that we tell the children at school is
"Take an apple round and red, don't cut it down, cut it through instead
Right inside it you will see, a star as pretty as can be."

Ms. Tricia then talked about the parts of an apple and the children took a little time passing around magnifying glasses and looking at the apples and the star in the middle.

 During Art Time the children did apple prints.
The children pumped their paint onto their trays and and rolled out the colors with a brayer.  They then set to printing.

I love when the star prints out on the paper, it's a little surprise for the kids when they pick up the apple.

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