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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Windy Rainbow Wands

People speak of March as being a windy month, and I have never noticed it more than this March, and especially today with the 35 mph wind gusts.  Our new Co-Teacher was telling me about a streamer dance she use to do with her students during the windy month of March, and I loved the idea.  For some reason when she was talking about it, I couldn't get rainbows out of my head, so here is the version we made this year with the idea of dancing in the wind.

 The children would be working on doing half knots for this project so I first did a loop and knotted it to prepare the ribbon for our little friends.

Such a pretty invitation to celebrate wind and rainbows.

The children picked a bracelet and after watching a quick demo on what to do,
they set to work, and did wonderfully.  
First they pulled the ribbon under the bracelet.

Next the took the tail end of the ribbon and pulled it through the loop.
They continued to pull the ribbon until it was tight.

I was really impressed with how well they did adding the knots.
It's a wonderful project for hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

A beautiful finished project, and here is their Wind-Rainbow Dance.

A couple last photos of the children playing with their rainbow wands outside.

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