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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Post Office

Recently my Kindergartner's began drawing pictures for each other and running out into the hallway to put them in each others cubbies.  This got me thinking about the small mailbox cubbies that I had in the classroom, but no one had been drawn to play with.  I realized they needed a spark, and so, we now have a Post Office, and everyday since the Post Office was established, the children  LOVE playing in it.

We have been reading different books about the Post Office, and I also went to our local Post Office and took some pictures of mailboxes and items used in the Post Office.  Many of the children have their mail delivered to their homes, so seeing the mailboxes at the Post Office, brought to life delivering the mail to their personal mailboxes at school.

Some pictures of our Post Office.
I love having scales in the Post Office, it adds a whole new dimension to the play because they are learning about weight and how packages are charged according to how much they weigh.

An example of packing slips and boxes, and our school packing slips.

It is fun because there are many roles the children take on when they are playing Post Office.  Some gravitate to the making of pictures and filling out envelopes to mail, and others love working the front desk, and then some love going to the window to mail or pick up a package.

The children happily at work making letters and cards.

The Busy work of the Post Office!

Working the Front Desk and Mailing Packages.

Delivering the Mail.
Look, even Superman is lending a hand!

Ringing up sales

We even received some extra special packages that we made sure were handled with care.

These surprise packages were opened up to reveal a kitty and fire fighter hidden inside!

This is why I love and value Dramatic Play.  These children were thoroughly enjoying their play, and all the while they were learning.  They learned how to mail packages, how to address envelopes, how to weigh a package, and that it cost money to mail items.  They learned about the different ways mail is delivered, the joy of giving and receiving a letter or drawing in the mail.  They learned how some people receive mail in a Post Office box and others have their mail dropped off by a person, some who walk to deliver the mail and others that drive.  They learned where to put a stamp on an envelop and how to play cooperatively.  So many wonderful life lessons, and all communicated through play.


  1. Danielle, This is fabulous! I really love how real the set up and materials are. Field trip to the post office soon?!

    1. Hi Julie, Yes,I would love that, it is not too far of a walk, may be a great Spring Field Trip.

  2. This is incredible, thank you for sharing.