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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Print Making

This Fall we have been exploring printmaking in many different forms from hand prints, to negative space leaf prints with marble painting, to leaf prints and apple fabric paint prints.  In addition we have printed with bubble wrap, thread spools, sponges,and there will be more to come.  Here are our leaf and apple prints. 

The kindergartners have done apple prints on paper before, so I thought it would be nice if they had the opportunity to print on a piece of fabric.

The results were very pretty, but the children had the most fun when we took out the sewing machine for them to sew their prints onto a Fall Bunting Banner.

I love our little sewing machine.  It is a travel sewing machine that was given to the school as a gift from my mother.  What I love about this machine as opposed to the kid sewing machine you can find at a store like Micheal's, is that it has a bobbin, so the children are doing more than just a base stitch.  My mother purchased this machine at Walgreen's of all places, and I think it was $20.00.  It is wonderful!

The children were a little hesitant at first, but then they really became skilled at using the machine, just make sure they do not have the foot on the pedal if you have to adjust something, I learned the hard way...Ouch!  

Leaf Prints
Every year I post pictures of the children doing leaf prints at school.  I just really like this project, and the way the children respond to it.


A display of some of the different prints in the hallway.  I love when the children come in and find their hand print and high five it.  The display changes through the year, but the hands will always be there.

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