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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fire Safety Week

October is Fire Safety month, and we were very fortunate to have the local fire department come in two days this week to talk with the children about fire safety, but also give them the thrill of seeing the fire truck up close and even going inside the trucks.

The children are the ones who inspired me to see if the fire department would come to the school.  Ever since the school year began a large group of children have been playing fire fighter everyday.  They play it in the classroom but also in the playground.  Below are some photos of a group of firefighters in their "fire truck," and off to fight a fire with their "fire hoses."

When October came around I was so excited to have the kids have a real life experience with fire fighters and fire trucks.  The funny thing is that when the fire fighters came into the classroom, they were awe struck, my first crew of 2.5-3 year olds barely talked.

The fire fighters came in with their tools and explained what they have to do when there is a fire.  Some examples they showed the children is that they often have to break through walls and doors with axes.  They also told the children that when they go into a fire they crawl into areas where there is dense smoke, and the children should also stay low to the ground.  

Above, a fire fighter is showing a tool that they use to feel around for people, and the children practiced grabbing hold
 of the bar.  Some important information that they went over with the children:
  • To never open a door that is hot to touch, and to use the back of their hand to feel if the door is hot.  
  • If the door is hot, the children should go and wait by a window
  • They should also make lots of noise so that a fire fighter knows where to find them.  
  • A point the fire fighters brought up that the children may bring up at home is that when someone is cooking, all the handles on the stove top should be turned in. 
  • Stay low to the floor, and if in school, stay with the rest of the class.
  • Never go into a burning building for any reason.
  • Never play with matches, lighters, or candles.
  • They also asked the children what they would do if their clothes were on fire, almost all of them shouted, "stop, drop and roll!"  

We had one volunteer demonstrate "stop drop and roll", a second joined, and then almost all the kids were on the floor rolling around, the fire fighters found this humorous. 

When the kids were asked if they wanted to try on a coat and helmet, I thought the crew who always play fire fighter would be jumping at the chance, but as I said, they were speechless, so one of my tiniest little girls jumped up for her chance, followed by a couple other brave girls.

After we went over fire safety, the children had a treat waiting for them outside.

They were very excited to say the least, especially seeing the ladder up in the air.
They were given a little tour of the trucks, getting to see the tools, hoses, and equipment they use in a fire.

I love the proportions of this little fire fighter compared to the size of the truck!

After getting a little tour of the truck, the children were then given the opportunity to go inside the truck.


 After the fire trucks left with lights flashing and sirens blaring, the children then went inside and the play began!  The Pastor of the church use to be a Fire Chaplain and he was kind enough to lend us his helmet and coat for the children to play in.  Of course, all my little fire fighters who were too nervous to try on the fire fighter's helmets and coats were thrilled by this because now they had a chance.

The size of the helmet and coat compared to the kids is hysterical to me, especially watching them run around trying to fight fires in them.
One last thought to share, the children were given a homework assignment by the fire fighters, they asked the children to go home and discuss with their families a "safety" or "meeting" spot for the family to meet at in case of fire or emergency.  This way no one goes back into the fire looking for someone who may be out of the building.  It could be a neighbors house, the front yard, a tree, but some place everyone knows to go to.  

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