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Monday, July 15, 2013

Flower Printing

This year for summer camp, I have decided to have a theme for each two week summer session.  The first session is flowers and plants.  This was a lovely project that we did, and to be honest I was not prepared for the sweetness these children displayed while in the garden, it was precious. 

The children each had the opportunity to cut a flower to place in the basket

We then took a short nature walk to collect dogwood flowers.  

I mean really, how adorable is this scene!

While the children played a little bit inside, I set the table with the invitation to print with their flowers.

They were so attentive during this whole process, some taking the time to press each little petal down on their paper.
This little one discovered that if you twirled the flower with paint on it, the colors all blended together like a pin wheel.
The older children were presented with a similar invitation to create.

I love the overlay of flower prints.

Of course you can't have a tray of paint without someone doing some hand prints. 
 What I love about offering children the opportunity to do process driven artwork, is that the work that is created is authentic, and beautiful.


  1. What a really sweet and beautiful activity. It is great that they each cut to cut their own flower.

  2. What a beautiful activity to inspire the creativity in the children, thanks for sharing with Summer Carnvial.