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Monday, June 17, 2013

End of the Year Keepsakes

Phew, school ended last week and we have a little time off before summer camp begins.
I wanted to honor the time that the children spent here at school and so I thought they would enjoy
looking at pictures at of themselves throughout the year, and choosing some to make into an end of the year keepsake.

I loved watching them looking at the pictures of themselves.  
They were really taking in the pictures, and expressing thoughts and memories
about different moments of their play at school, or projects they had done.
They then set to work picking their favorites, which is always a surprise for me.

As always I feel lucky to have a great materials exchange nearby, and I had these wooden tops 
that are excellent for stringing wire through, however sticks work well for this too.  The children would bead a little then pick a picture that we would tape on the back photo to the wire. They would bead some more and repeat the process until they felt they were done, or they ran out of room on the wire.  I have a couple my daughter has made for us throughout the years, and I love the finished result.

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