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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Wonderful World of Blocks and Building

Block play is a significant part of an early childhood education experience.  Many skills are developed during block and building play such as creative, imaginative, and cognitive thinking skills.  Children also work on problem solving skills, spatial relationships, social skills because they are often creating with a friend, and fundamental math skills.  Block play, like the stages of development, have a sequence.  It starts out with tote and carry, Then building begins, as they build they move into further problem solving  and creative thinking skills when they start developing bridges and tunnels. By 4 and 5 they are typically making enclosed and representational buildings, such as houses, towns, schools, ect.  
Within each of these experiences they are engaging in fun and play, yet gaining a wealth of hands on skills, that in fact continue with them as they grow.

And as the children grow in skill level, so do their buildings and the creative way they put them together.  I wanted to feature some of these ways in this blog post.

This building is a wonderful example of working cognitive and problem solving skills.  If you look at the pictures, you will see how the boys managed to balance a whole struck on one cylinder block. As they worked together as a team, they made sure to balance the weight so that it would not topple over.

I have a bunch a jewelry displays I don't use anymore.  
When I was getting ready to donate them someplace, my husband pointed out that they would make great stackers in the block area.  He was right, they are a unique addition to the building area.

They are not only fun for stacking, but also wonderful for roads and tunnels.

Some even used them to measure themselves and practice patterns,
While others use them regularly to build apartment buildings.

I love the days when there are a lot of children working together to build something and every kind of building material and block we have is a part of the fun.


  1. I love this post Danielle!
    I really enjoy the variety of viewpoints you capture in the photographs.
    The tunnels and towers are my favorite architecturally.
    But the bedrooms and dolls sleeping in their loft made me laugh too.

  2. Love the jewlery displays. Where did you get them? Would love to add them to our block area.