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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh, A-Sailing We Will GO

My backyard is a very muddy place these days and so there are many play areas that are not accessible at the moment.  Today I wanted to do a project that the children could play with outside to take the place of some beloved play areas.  Since we have a large digging pit, turned mud lake, my husband suggested making boats.

My mom is the ultimate donator of materials that she reclaims from everyday life.
If you need corks, egg cartons, glass jars, trays, ect., my mom is the one who will get it for you!
So, with the corks she had saved up for us, I hot glued three of them together, and then the children painted them with acrylic paint.
Next the children were given a piece of craft foam to make their sails.
The sail being drawn above is for a "Princess Ship."
And Below is the "Kitty Boat" in the making.

This sail is; "bugs, and the other side is kitty heads that are going to eat the bugs."

 I stuck a skewer through the sail and into the cork raft.
I  placed one of our sensory bins on the light table and added water, so we started our sailing fun inside. 

Looks like the "Princess Ship" is in peril as the "Fittle Bom-Fo" boat is quickly

As fun as the bin was, the prospect of taking them outside was more enticing.
The children placed their boats in the "mud lake" or "mud soup" area, but had to stir the water a bit with our hockey sticks to create a current.

They found another boat launch in the water filled sand box.

They worked surprising well and will make great bath toys.

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