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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowy Days

We waited, and waited, and waited, and finally, it is here...SNOW!
The play area in the back was a dismal muddy place, and then the snow came to brighten up our world.
Even though getting all those snowsuits on can be a challenge, I love watching the kids romp around in them, or like my little snow angel below, roll around in them.

In another snow storm, we were left with snow perfect for making a snow person.

I had some experts on my hands, they only wanted me to stack the snow balls, I couldn't believe their mighty strength!

Here is our new school friend prior to painting.

We used watered down tempera for painting this day, usually we use food-color water, but we already had this paint in the spray bottles.

It made for a very bright snow friend.

Afterwards they determined that it was not a snowman or woman, it was a colorful snow wizard!

As a kid one of my favorite things was "maple syrup snow cone."
So one day for my lunch crew, we went out and got some CLEAN snow, put it in a cup and
poured a little maple syrup on it.  It soon became all but one of theirs favorites as well.

I am hoping for another big storm soon, I can't wait to try and make an igloo or snow fort, I mean I can't wait for the kids to...I don't know sometimes who get more excited about the prospect of a project:)

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