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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brr It's Cold Outside

It has been a very cold week, and we go outside in pretty much all weather, but the cold and wind have kept us inside twice this week, a rarity.  So, I decided to bring a bit of the weather inside for play.
Though it looks like it is melting in this picture. This little igloo was a ton of fun!
I took a card table and piled pillow on top, then covered with a duvet, I then took one of our tunnels and covered that with foam and a sheet, home sweet home.
The lights that I strung in the igloo had a nice glow and gave off extra warmth.

I don't think our little friends minded playing inside on these days.

I also talked with the children about freezing temperature, and made some ice cube "paints" for them to enjoy.  First they wet their paper with warm water, and then the fun began.

Some even attempted to paint with all four colors at once.

I recommend using a plate under the paint sticks while they are not being used, and be careful, several children wanted to eat them!

The end results were very similar to water colors, however it is just food coloring and water in ice cube trays.  It looks like tomorrow will be another bitterly cold day, so perhaps my littlest ones will enjoy these activities as well.

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