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Friday, October 12, 2012

Spray Painting

One of the first projects we did this year, and continue to do is spray painting.
We use small water bottles with watered down tempura paint in them.

We have been experimenting with different ways to use the spray paint.
Some days they just spray the paper and watch as the colors blend
and splatter.
Other times they place stencils down and spray aound them to get an image.

We have also experimented with loading the paper up with paint and
then blotting it to see texture as well as relieve the paper of so much wetness.

Most recently with they did leaf and rock arrangments
and then spray painted over them.
The results from these created great negative images of the leaves.

A finished painting,
and I just love the way the leaves looked when they were done.
We saved these and used them on a different project, more of that to come.

I find the paintings beautiful and since it has been such a well lovedproject, it was decided that we should do spray painting on our school folders.  These folders hold a lot of the children's paper artwork done at school.  Because we do so much experimental artwork at school, we go through a lot of paper during our process work.  A lot of these projects are very in the moment, but it wouldn't be right throwing them out, so we keep them in their folders giving them a special place to be and the chance to re-visit later on.  A lot of times these pieces of artwork become backgrounds for future work such as, the background for printmaking, collage work, paintings and drawing layered on top, or frames.  It all has a beautiful place in their experience with art.

Some of our school art folders.
I love their photographs on the cover.

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