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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carnival and Camping Fun!

Carnival Day!

Summer is flying by, and here I am trying to catch up with events that took place at the end of June and July, but these were sweet little happenings that I thought I would share them anyway.

On the last day of our Spring session, we decided to have Carnival Day, this meant games, laughter and of course face painting.
One of the games we played was filling our water crayons with water and trying to shoot the water through the hula hoop.

During this week of adventure we also did car/truck wheel painting by
driving the vehicles down the slide with paint on their tires.  The squeals we were hearing were not from the wheels, but ecstatic children!

This little artist decided she wanted to add hand prints to the design, a great inspiration for talking about the impressions we leave on this earth; tires, hands, footprints, etc.
fueling up with paint.
Catching the cars and trucks.

The Grabber Game!

I am always looking for new games to engage the kids.  While perusing the Dollar Store I saw these
"grabbers," I think the technical term is arm extenders, but I like "grabber" better.  I thought it would make for a fun carnival game where they would have to race to pick up a ball, then run back and place it in a container.
It is a little challenging at first, it really tests hand coordination, but once they got it, they had a ball

Placing the ball in the basket
These two were neck and neck the whole time
The race is on!

What Carnival Day would not be complete without face painting.  We also had a bouncy house, but I did not manage to get a picture of them in it.


Camping Fun!
When we started the summer camp program, one of my little ones asked when we would do camping stuff.  That is all it took, the next day we were building a camp fire, making smores and camping out.
We have had other camping days at school, it is a reoccurring theme in our play, but there is always room for one more smores!
Making our fire pit with fire bricks.
Roasting the marshmallows
Yum, enjoying the fruits of our labor!
Now time for a nap.

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