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Monday, April 30, 2012

"So, what do they do?"

When I tell people I run a preschool out of the house I am often asked; "So, what do they do?"
We pack so much into the three hours a day I have with the kids, I find that I sometimes don't know how to answer that question. Below is a series of pictures of the children at play over the past couple of weeks, perhaps through these the question of what they do can best be answered.

We play, a lot. 
 I believe in the power of play.  It enhances imagination and it
often emulates life which brings into their experience social skills and learning.
Here we have a day at the beach.  They went diving and lounged on beach chairs they made out of couch cushions

We create magic, for instance we planted jelly beans and grew a "Jelly bean tree!"

We explore with our senses
We discover. 
Here we are observing the birds building a nest in a hole in the porch.
Examining an abandoned nest from last Spring.

We investigate, 
such as when mysterious objects appear on the ceiling and we discover that it is coming from a
bowl of water that is reflecting sunshine.

We make friends
We Create!

We Swing
We Do Experiments

We Move and Sing

We Get Wild!
We Build

We concoct things
We Work together and share

We learn about the world

We weave in and out of moments.

We make Masterpieces

We Enjoy

And we care for each other.

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