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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our New Pet

Sniffer (Sniffy)  Van Der Hopper

It has been an exciting week back from Spring break.  The children came into school on Monday and received a new treat, our Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Sniffer (Sniffy) Van Der Hopper.  He is very sweet and is getting spoiled already!
He has already been a catalyst for projects, joy, fun and adventure.

As soon as the kids got to school on Monday, we headed into the backyard to let them play with Sniffy and let Sniffy have a little freedom.  The adventures soon began, such as when Sniffy decided to hide under one of the cars.  We were lucky this one wasn't moving!

After the car incident we decided to let Sniffy explore in the kid's garden which isn't in bloom right now.  We talked about sharing the garden with Sniffy, and the children decided they wanted to let Sniffy have half the space of the garden for his hutch which we will soon be making.

There was a lot of chasing Sniffy around trying to feed him a carrot, but alas the children found out he was more fond of dandelion greens, hay and long grass.

It was then decided that Sniffy needed a home in the garden, so the children went right to work.
Some picked hay for bedding and eating, and others did home decorating with cushions.

The next test was to see if Sniffy liked his new space the children created for him...

...Here is Sniffy Checking out his new Digs
The children very curious about whether Sniffy likes it or not?

He seemed very content, though a little over whelmed, who could blame him.  In the photos below I tried to capture Sniffer's perspective in the crate home and the flurry of activity as the children went in and out of the garden space.

This could explain why a little later, Sniffy tried to make a get away!  Yup, Sniffy found his way out through the lattice in the garden and almost got away, however our Hero (pictured below) saved the day by crawling under the deck and chasing Sniffy down!  Sniffy may have been a little disappointed, however my daughter and the children at school were relieved.

Liev on the run going to get Sniffy!

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