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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Photographers

One of the parent's of the school lent us his tripod the other day and the children LOVE it!  It has been wonderful watching them take pictures using this new tool.  There was something so inviting about a camera set up on a tripod that had children clambering to use it.  Here are some pictures of the children using the camera and their photographs.  The kids have really been into photography and this is a new element that I am sure we will be playing around with for a while, I can't wait to show them how to use the timer or do a long exposure.

A young photographer busy at work

Taking a picture of his friends at play

Pure joy in taking her friends picture

Her muse caught in a moment

A friend posing for the camera
 The image captured
Enjoying another element of photography, viewing the picture after it has been taken

This photographer enjoyed carrying the tripod around the room to get different shots
Here he lines up a picture of his friend racing cars down the tubes

Now in a different location getting a picture of his brother

I am sure there will be more to come

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