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Thursday, March 1, 2012

sand pit exploration

Since winter set in our sand box has been a muddy and rather empty box.
This week I decided to bring the sand box fun inside.  We have a large cement mixing tray which I filled with the play sand that has been sitting in the back of my car as extra winter weight. 
Since we have not had much of a winter, I decided to take it out and play, go figure as soon as I did we had the only real winter storm I feel we have had all year!

The invitation to play was simple and well received.  Hidden in the sand were plenty of seashells to find. I also added these "elbow pots" that my husband made, which remind me of shells and are great for digging and pouring water into.

These three were captivated for an incredibly long time.

 inevitably they wanted and added water and the true mucky fun began

It was a great time filled with play, discovery and just plain old wonderful mess.

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