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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Weeks Play and Fun

I try to take as many pictures as I can in the midst of a preschool day, and by the end of the week I am amazed at how much play and adventure has taken place.
Here is this  past week's play and fun at school.

Making cappuccinos in the mud kitchen with shaving cream and dirt sprinkles on top!

Inevitably a mud a chocolate cream pie was made for dessert

Exploring and working with low fire white clay

Playing with our new sensory game, running black beans through tubes

It was a hit!

Spontaneous drum circles

Three little boys very serious about their bread making

 More Bread Making

Eating the bread, we had quite a hungry crew on Thursday.

Adding food coloring to our water bottles so we could go outside and paint the snow.

Painting what little snow we had left

Painting the melting snow fort

We added some snow to a tray and then added salt crystals and our color water.
It became a beautiful rainbow of colors.

We also made a fort with our parachute and tunnels.  It was fun to push the parachute up and down as the kids played in it.

This is a fun game the kids made up where they pretend they are garbage cans in the tunnels.

More parachute fort fun.

Too big of a smile to be an Oscar the Grouch in this "garbage can"

Playing at the glow station.

Oh, and of course their was lots of art, but more of that will show up in another blog post.
Phew, it was some week!!!

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