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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Experimenting with Color, Water, and Ice Sun Catchers

Oh the magic of food coloring in water, how it fascinates and amazes.
It really is a beautiful thing to play with and learn about mixing colors.
One afternoon we started to add color to little cups so that we could make ice cubes for an ice sun catcher.  Here are some pictures of our color fun.

Our experiment began with little cups of water and squeezing food coloring into the cups.

We then filled ice cube trays and talked about how water freezes

With our left over water, we mixed our colors in a big bowl to make more colors.

Here is a picture of our ice cubes after they froze.

We also explored watching our ice turn back into water.  As Jasper said: "This is good, but now they're gone."  By this we learned how things alter from one thing that existed into another, and then no longer exists.

We also placed out ice cubes into trays of partially frozen colored water and then froze them again.
This is a project I found in Family Fun.  You take a tray of water, and fill a small cup of water to place in the tray.  Make your colored ice cubes, and then place them in the tray of water, and refreeze them.
The final results are ice sun catchers.  Here are some pictures of ours.  I would like to say they lasted longer then the next morning, but we have been having such a warm winter that as Jasper said about the ice cubes: "this is good, but now they're gone."

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  1. The next day E.B. found 1 in the tree and the others melted and we discovered how shade affords protection from the heat of the sun.