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Friday, January 20, 2012

Play at School

This post is for the parents.  Pick up is such a brief and hectic time of day that I am often unable to give a full description of what the children did that day.  Here are some pictures of them at play that I thought would give an idea of what their play is like at school.

This is a video of the "Robot Dance" the kids were doing one day at school.
I loved it!

Doing marble runs together
More Marble exploration

Making play dough (please excuse our large compost pile!)
The play dough with sparkles and food coloring

The finished product

Ella playing with a black light in the bathroom (our only totally dark place)

Building towers and block roads for their "wheelie" animals to travel on

Doing construction

Playing doctor and nurse

Cars and trucks are always a highlight for the kids.

playing with static

tumbling and dancing on the mat

Painting the snow with popcorn!

giggles and scribbles during free draw time

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