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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bella Luna

Today we are back from a two week break, and back on a full moon.
I have noticed that full moons often effect people of all ages, but preschoolers in particular.
Something wild takes over.  Instead of worrying about it, today I decided to embrace the energy of the full moon and talk about it with the kids.

So, we created our own full moons.  We also looked at the phases of the moon, and talked about the different images we see in the moon.  We saw rabbits and faces.  We also talked about why the moon glows at night, and my favorite reason was Jasper's: "the moon glows because it has electricity."

This was a simple and fun project, because the kids loved watching the marker bleed on the paper with just a few drops from the eye dropper.

Start by using water color paper or a thick absorbent paper, then have children color all over with a washable marker.

 Give the children a cup of water and an eye dropper and let them go to town.

After the paper drys, let them draw with glue on the circle.

Then let the glitter fun begin.  let them sprinkle it on top of the glue, make sure to keep a dish or a cookie sheet under them to catch the glitter.  We would also knock some of the excess glitter off now and then.  It is a fun project because they love experimenting with materials; The way the marker bleeds, the pouring of glue, the shaking of the glitter, it is just plain old fun!

Following our art time, we sang some songs about the moon, and instead of a sun salutation during yoga, we did a moon salutation.  We had a dance party to "Can you Catch the Moon" by Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb
Later we read a couple great books with the moon in them, which I listed below along with our songs.
It was a beautiful lunar day for us at school.

Books we read:
Just the parts on Winter Moons.
Great book!

Songs we Sang:

"Can you catch the moon?"  Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
hit the link below to see the video and hear the song...very sweet

THE MOON IS CIRCLING ‘ROUND THE EARTHTune: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again” or “The Ants Go Marching”
The moon is circling ‘round the earth, hurrah!, hurrah!
We cannot see it, in the day, the day.
But when day turns into night,
We can see the moon so bright.
Oh, we’re oh so glad that the moon is in the sky.

Jean Warren


Man in the moon,
Man in the moon,
Shinning in the night.
What a happy face you have,
Big, round and white.

                        Jean Warren

I see the moon
And the moon see me.
God bless the moon
And God bless me!


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