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Monday, December 26, 2011

Using coffee filters to create a great tie-dyed effect

Coffee Filter Leaf

Over the summer we made coffee filter butterflies, which I have posted a picture of below this project. It is a great project that Jamie, our summer assistant teacher, did with the kids.

We recently did a variation of this, in which we made leaves.

This is one of the few projects that I actually cut a shape out for the children to use.
Most times I like them to explore and not have to stay within a pre-existing design, but for this I thought they would enjoy how much they could make the coloring of their leaves look like real Fall leaves.

It is a very simple process, the children color on the coffee filter with washable markers. It works best if they cover most to the area.
They then take eye droppers with water in them, and watch the colors bleed into each other.

It makes for a fun, and experimental project focused on how colors mix when the water is added.

Below is an example of the butterflies the children made over the summer with Jamie. Instead of a cut form, this was a whole coffee filter they colored and then added the water with a spray bottle.
To see step by step instructions on this, visit Jamie's blog at:

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