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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Little Carpenters

About a month ago we really got into hammering with real nails and drilling into our well loved pumpkin.

Shortly after that, one of our students brought in a piece of Styrofoam for his friends to hammer on.

Now we are onto the real things and we all are loving it!
I have some wood that has been through all sorts of weather so it is a bit softer for the children to push their nails into the wood, and then start hammering.
A parent also donated a stump, which has little cracks in it that also makes for easy nail positioning.
They have been having a ball.

What I love is that after they hammer, they also take the nails out, so they are working both ends of the hammer and taking responsibility for all the tools.

We also have two hand crank drills that the children thoroughly enjoy as well.
My plan is to have them start drilling two pieces of wood and then screwing them together after the break.

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