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Monday, December 26, 2011

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun!
Here are two fun Halloween projects we did recently
The first is a project I found in Family Fun.
Pumpkin Bats

For this project I used little gourd pumpkins.
The children then painted the pumpkins black
We used tempera, but I think I would use acrylic next time because the tempura flakes

After the pumpkins are painted, the children
came up to me one at a time and we hot glued foam wings, ears and wiggly eyes where they wanted them.
I help them with the hot glue gun, but for the most part they are doing it themselves and placing the objects where they want them.
Paper Mache Pumpkin Masks
This is a project we did over time. We have a project coming up in which we will be doing some paper mache on larger forms, so this was a good introduction to the process.
Each child had a balloon that they glued orange tissue paper to using watered down glue. I did not use paste because I find the watered down glue has a nice clear coat.
We returned to this project three times, each time adding another coat of tissue paper.
The children really only had the attention span to do a side of the balloon, so when that side was finished, we took out the balloons and decided to make pumpkin masks rather then making pumpkin lanterns.
To keep the faces authentic to their vision, I had them place stickers where they wanted their eyes to go so I could cut them out, and we left the rest of the stickers as the children had them so that the pumpkin faces reflected more of their vision, rather than a preconceived adult version of pumpkin faces.

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